Coming together as an interstate fishery cooperative formed under the Fishery Cooperative Marketing Act, 15 U.S.C. 521, et seq., as envisioned at the Special Organizational Meeting of November 23, 2003. VACFU is an effort by the fishermen to maximize our profit margin. It is an effort not only to increase our profit margin but also to maintain and control operations and pricing from dockside to retail. Previously the shrimpers were restricted to the role of harvester with a fixed compensation of ten percent.  The Coop will develop new roles as processor, distributor and retailer, controlling the harvesting market and selling aspect of the product.  This will now enable us to generate profits upwards to 65% from a retailing level. With the development of the Processor plant and the Distributor facility, we predict annual sales in the first year to exceed 20 million dollars and based on the demand of shrimp in the US, we expect to increase the volume of sales to be 30 million dollars in the following year.