Imports account for 84% of all seafood eaten in the U.S.  in 2009. Did you know that the FDA inspects only 2% of all imports, and that only one-half of 1% of imported shrimp is tested.  As public concerns over food safety rise, there will be an increasing demand for more extensive testing of both imports as well as local seafood to ensure that they are safe. The comparison below shows why wild-harvested seafood will be your safest bet.








Imported/Farm Raised Shrimp

⊕ 3-6 months, chemical-supplemented to reach market size.  Ground-up fish meal

⊕ Harmful chemicals and food additives, many of which are banned in the USA

⊕ Destruction of coastal environment in Asia and South America

⊕ Deceptive marketing practices involving misrepresentation of species identity and country of origin

Wild-Harvested Shrimp

⊕ 1 to 2 years to reach market size         

⊕ Natural diet                                          

⊕ No antibiotics, algaecides, growth hormones or pesticides              

⊕ Harvest limits to prevent over fishing        

⊕ No loss of Louisiana shoreline or marshes